Electronic Bibliographic Search of Scholarly Literature

Electronic Bibliographic Search of Scholarly Literature -...

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Janell Sterns NUR 5250 Dr. Emrich Electronic Bibliographic Search of Scholarly Literature 1. For my bibliographic search, I chose the areas of poverty, social status, discrimination, social support and environment. These are all social and environmental determinants of health inequities that are prevalent with the vulnerable populations I am familiar with. I have also had personal experiences with some of these determinants and was interested in what the literature had to say in their regards to healthcare. 2. See attached pages for the ten WilsonWeb and CINAHAL search histories and article summaries regarding environmental and social determinants of health and strategic interventions. 3. When first searching for articles, I started by typing in “health” and “disparities” as my keyword searches. The common themes that arose from my search were poverty, social support, neighborhoods and discrimination. Of the articles I chose, there was much discussion in the abstracts in regards to the injustices of these
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Unformatted text preview: disparities and the need for solutions by the public health sector. The article “Health, Justice and the Environment” made the point that, due to our lack of resources, “it is important to set priorities for bioethical theorizing and policy formation.” (Resnik & Roman, 230) This shows us that working on these social and environmental disparities will take time, but it is worth the effort in order for everyone to receive quality healthcare. 4. See attached pages for articles relating to social and environmental determinants and strategic interventions. Social and environmental determinant article: Resnik, D.B., & Roman, G. (2007). Health, Justice and the Environment . Bioethics, 21 (4), 230-241. Strategic intervention article: Freudenberg, N., & Olden, K. (2010). Finding Synergy: Reducing Disparities in Health by Modifying Multiple Determinants. American Journal of Public Health, 100 (S1), S25-S30....
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Electronic Bibliographic Search of Scholarly Literature -...

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