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UNITS FOR MAGNETIC PROPERTIES Quantity Symbol Gaussian & cgs emu a Conversion factor, C b SI & rationalized mks c Magnetic flux density, magnetic induction B gauss (G) d 10 -4 tesla (T), Wb/m 2 Magnetic flux Φ maxwell (Mx), G cm 2 10 -8 weber (Wb), volt second (V s) Magnetic potential difference, magnetomotive force U , F gilbert (Gb) 10/4π ampere (A) Magnetic field strength, magnetizing force H oersted (Oe), e Gb/cm 10 3 /4π A/m f (Volume) magnetization g M emu/cm 3 h 10 3 A/m (Volume) magnetization M G 10 3 /4π A/m Magnetic polarization, intensity of magnetization J , I emu/cm 3 4π × 10 -4 T, Wb/m 2 i (Mass) magnetization σ, M emu/g 1 A m 2 /kg 4π × 10 -7 Wb m/kg Magnetic moment m emu, erg/G 10 -3 A m 2 , joule per tesla (J/T) Magnetic dipole moment j emu, erg/G 4π × 10 -10 Wb m i (Volume) susceptibility χ,κ dimensionless, emu/cm 3 dimensionless (4π) 2 × 10 -7 henry per meter (H/m), Wb/(A m) (Mass) susceptibility χ ρ ρ cm 3 /g, emu/g
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