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Page 1 Statistics 2 Problems from past Fnal exams 1. ( 5 points ) The paragraph below is taken from an article in the San ±rancisco Chronicle of Tuesday, March 21, 1995. The person quoted in the article is Patrick Portway, executive director of the United States Distance Learning Association in San Ramon, California. Studies of high school students who took German by satellite from teachers at Oklahoma State University found that they consistently outperformed students taking German at their own schools, Portway noted. ”The reason is that the instructor is a college German teacher. He uses music videos, German cultural Flms, all the media that every teacher would love to have. He has $7.5 million TV studio at his Fngertips. Before accepting Mr. Portway’s reason, what question should you ask him? State the question, and explain why it is relevant. 2. ( 5 points ) The quotation below is taken from an article in the San ±rancisco Chron- icle of July 17, 1995. The department mentioned in the quote is the Justice Depart- ment. Some words and numbers have been left out. In a study of state civil suits in the nation’s 75 largest counties, the department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics found that in 1992 there were 762,000 civil suits involving torts. contracts and real property rights. Punitive damages were awarded in only 364 cases, the study found . . . . . . The ___________________________ award was about___________________, brought ___________________ from the __________________________________ award of ______________ by few ________________awards. The missing works and numbers are somewhere in the following list: average, median, up, down, large, small, $50,000, $735,000. ±ill in the blanks to complete the sentences. Explain your reasoning briefly. 3. ( 10 points ) The average height in a group of 1,000 men is 70.5 inches; the SD is 3 inches. The histogram follows the normal curve closely. (a) How many men in the group have heights in the range from 72 inches to 76 inches? (b) ±ind, approximately, the 40th percentile of height in this group.
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Page 2 4. ( 5 points ) A box contains ten tickets, numbered as shown: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Three tickets are drawn at random, without replacement, from the box. Find the chance the seven tickets left in the box include the 1, 2, and 3. 5. ( 10 points ) A distribution table for monthly rent in a certain city is shown below. The class intervals include the left endpoint but not the right. For simplicity, the table only covers rents below $1,000. Rent (in Dollars) Percentage of units 100 – 250 15 250 – 500 60 500 – 750 20 750 – 1000 5 (a) Plot the histogram. Mark the horizontal and vertical scales carefully. Label the axes. (b) A reasonable estimate for the median rent in the city (for rents under $1,000)
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finalprobs - Statistics 2 Problems from past nal exams 1....

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