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Chap8a - Specify two alternative ways that the above two...

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The mixture component that was distributed with a normal density was generated by Setting the association parameter ρ = 0.5. What Greek symbol is used to represent the slope of the diagonal line segment shown in the above figure? If two parameters equal each other then the Greek symbol referred to in the previous question will equal the parameter ρ. What Greek symbol designates both of these two parameters?
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Unformatted text preview: Specify two alternative ways that the above two parameters (not ρ ) are often distinguished from each other. How are the specific variates that are associated by some ρ parameter distinguished from each other? x = 1.351 y = 4.711 x = 1.833 y = 2.586 Use Get XY after setting the scale to either Stickpin or Scatter and determine the two coordinates shown in the call-outs shown above....
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