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Mathcad_introduction2 - In certain respects the MATHCAD...

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In certain respects the MATHCAD program resembles a once-popular program called APL. Like APL it is designed to match standard mathematical notation. In addition to this match the suffix of the name MATHCAD denotes a point of departure from anything else available today. MATHCAD makes use of computer assisted design capabilities. What might appear at first glance, to be a technical report or program written using standard mathematical and statistical notation can actually be an executable program. For example, the excellent statistics text by Neter, Wasserman and Whitmore has a fourth edition that comes with two floppy disks. These disks contain a program package called “Business Mystat with QC Tools.” However, despite these disks, the Neter et al book and the program Business Mystat with QC Tools although related to each other, are distinct objects. When teaching materials are designed to make use of MATHCAD, the counterparts of the Neter et al floppy disks would simply contain the computer readable text of the book. For example if one thinks of this text as a cookbook and were microwave and other cooking apparatus completely computerized, then cooking would be matter of reading a recipe, making the appropriate
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