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INSTRUCTIONS for INSTALLING and USING the SLICE PROGRAM SLICE will run on any recent IBM compatible computer. (Although it will run on most old machines, for example, on those based on an 80286 or 80386 processor, if the machine is old, it must be set to have at least 640K of conventional memory, have a math coprocessor and, either an Enhanced Graphics dapter (EGA), an Enhanced Graphics Displayer, a Video Graphics Adapter (VGA), or any more advanced graphics card.) The subdirectories and files in the slice directory should all be copied to C: or any other internal drive. (The program can, in most circumstances, be run from an external drive, although the program works best when run from an internal drive.) No further installation is necessary. The program can be run by double clicking on the file labeled slicemet.bat. SLICE is controlled by using a pointer to select items from different menus. When the program begins, the main menu is drawn in the upper left corner of the screen and a small yellow crosshairs will appear near the middle of the screen. Pointer location is mouse controlled and most options can be executed by pressing either of the two mouse buttons. To start the program, move the pointer to the box labeled
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slice_instructions1 - INSTRUCTIONS for INSTALLING and USING...

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