Change the annual percentage rate apr or the loan

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Unformatted text preview: e are some ideas to get you started. Change the annual percentage rate APR or the loan amount and see its effect on the payments. Adapt the document to a car loan. Set last to 4 or 5 and change House price and Down pint to 15000 and 3000. The full version of Mathcad comes with extensive symbolic math capabilities, a comprehensive handbook, full clipboard and printer support, and the ability to create documents much larger than a page. Feel free to make copies of these disks and this pamphlet to share with your friends and colleagues. Just make sure you copy ail the files on all the disks when you do. The figures on the next pages are provided in order to supplement the Chap01.doc File. Hard copy was used to avoid long download times. This chapter and the associated figures will be discussed in class....
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