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Dependence of Hobbes’s Social Contract Theory Thomas Hobbes, as founding father of modern political philosophy, had attributed greatly in development of modern philosophy. He is important figure of modern philosophy because he is one of the first philosophers who came up of justification of government without theory of divine power, which indicates that king’s powers are anointed by gods so people should obey to it. Since he lived in one of most upheaval of England, the English Civil War (1642-1651), it is only natural that his philosophy deals with importance of existence of commonwealth and how it helps to keep peace and stability. In order to prove legitimacy of absolute government, Hobbes starts with purely hypothetical stage called the state of nature, which means absence of governments. In his most famous masterpiece of philosophy, Leviathan, he suggested in state of nature, everyone is enemy to each other, and everyone is in state, called ‘war’. Moreover, at the state of nature, people are constantly facing fear of death. As mankind endeavor peace and rationally seek for better places according to laws of nature, they want to escape this instability. According to Hobbes, in order to accomplish this, mankind requires a figure of absolute power, like commonwealth to protect lives and wealth of human in return of obligation to commonwealth. In this paper, I will argue that Hobbes’ social contract theory is right and justified. As Hobbes’s theory is based on underlying assumption in the state of nature, people would be enemy to each other and harmful to each other, in order to defend his theory, it is priority to prove that indeed, human nature is selfish and violent, not the otherwise. Historically, over thousands of years, people have lived in constant state of war, either by individual or government. Even though at modern time, where that single attack can destroy everything such as nuclear bomb, people are willing to take risks for their selfishness and competitive nature. Without any restriction, people can easily turn into violent being to obtain other’s good and
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Dependence of Hobbe1.docx11111 - Dependence of Hobbess...

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