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HTT Week 6 - Hotel Security

HTT Week 6 - Hotel Security - Hotel Security 1 HOTEL...

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Hotel Security 1 HOTEL SECURITY Hotel Security Eric DeMent Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Hotel Security 2 Hotel Security Having security in a hotel is important. Having people at your hotel for the perception of security is a way to make people feel safe without having to talk about safety. Cameras can do the same trick as well, if they work. These are a few miner things that a hotel can have to make guests feel safe. What are some other security issues in a hotel? There are many different areas of the hotel that could be a safety issue. One of the main places for concern is the parking lot. There have been many robberies and other violent crimes that happen in parking lots of hotels (Powers & Barrows, 2006). Another area of the hotel is that people are concerned about is their room. Hotel guest room security has been compromised when it comes down to something simple like the lock on the door does not work properly (Powers & Barrows, 2006). What about the security of your identity or credit?
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