HTT200 Week 1-Job Opportunities

HTT200 Week 1-Job Opportunities - do this for them they...

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Job Opportunities If I had to choose a career in hospitality, I would want to be a personal travel agent. I enjoy planning vacations down to very last detail. I enjoy the research behind it, finding the cost, and even enjoy looking into the attractions side of it. My family allows me to plan all of our family adventures. This last year we went on a cruise thru Alaska. We spent a few days in Vancouver, BC, Canada. That was interesting. We went from Vancouver to Seward, Alaska. We all had a great time. I loved planning this trip for my family. I think that if families would let me
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Unformatted text preview: do this for them, they would be impressed and come back to me year after year for their family vacation needs. This is a job that I might have to start on my own. If I did not do that, then I would work for The Walt Disney Traveling Company to help people plan their ultimate Disney vacation. I would apply thru the Disney website. My family has been going to Disney theme park since I was one years old. Disney has been a part of our family my whole life....
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