PSY Week 2- Checkpoint Relationship Strategies

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Relationship Strategies As with most people, I have had many relationships in my life. The love relationship that I am going to be talking about is with my wife, Whitney. One strategy, which we could work on, is to strengthen our relationship by taking time out of our busy day to talk to each other. This time to talk is not just for one person to speak, but to listen as well. This can help any love relationship by opening the line of communication between each other and have the ability voice yourself to each other. The relationship will be strengthened, using this strategy, by letting each other know that they are there and make their concerns yours as well. In my opinion, this
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Unformatted text preview: strategy can help any relationship. Another strategy that can strengthen a relationship is to simply show affection to each other. What I mean by showing affection is holding, kissing, and touching each other. My father has stated to me many times that “actions speak louder than words” and this is what he is talking about. Showing affection to each other is a sign of sensitivity and compassion. This strategy will improve your relationship by showing that you care for each other and fulfilling a person’s need to be loved and wanted....
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