Week 4 - HTT Customer Types

Week 4 - HTT Customer Types - best suited for business...

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Customer Types The typical lodging customer is 2009, 40% stayed in a hotel for business and 60% stayed for leisure. For business travel, 69% of the time it is a male and spending on an average 0f $123 a night. A couple traveling for leisure is only at 51% and spending around $105 a night. The three lodging types I am going to talk about is limited service hotels, full-service hotels and the last one will be luxury hotels. a. Staying in a limited service hotel is for anyone that wants to save money. The guests that these hotels mostly cater to are tourists and leisure travelers. Business travelers stay at these types as well. b. The full-service hotels are for people whom want more space. This establishment is
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Unformatted text preview: best suited for business travels. 38% of full-service guests are business travelers and the rest are made up of tourists and convention travelers. c. The luxury hotels are for people who are used to a “high class” lifestyle or wanting to spend a ton of money to try it. These hotels could be for leisure, tourist, or business travelers. It depends on who wants to pay an average of $250 a night. There are some hotels that cost up to $600,000 a night. References AHLA. (2010). 2010 Lodging Industry Profile . Retrieved from http://www.ahla.com/content.aspx?id=30505 Powers, T., & Barrows, C. W. (2006). Introduction to the hospitality industry (6th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley....
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Week 4 - HTT Customer Types - best suited for business...

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