Week 5 - PHY Fostering Commitment

Week 5 - PHY Fostering Commitment - 4. Enacting my...

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Fostering Commitment Choosing a personal goal can be hard for most people, but I find it quite easy. The personal goal that I am going to choose for this assignment is getting through this college degree program. My short-term goal is to finish my associate program and my long-term is to go on to get my bachelor’s degree. How do I apply the nine steps of fostering commitment to this goal? 1. Looking for meaning is simple for this goal. When I am done with college, I will have better opportunities and the potential to make more money. 2. Transforming a “should” into a want was easy as well. Wanting to make to make more money was a good start. This lead me to stop asking the question of “Should I?” and it became an “I want it!”. 3. I have not been pressured or pushed to go into college. I wanted to do it for my own reasons. So I believe I chose my commitments wisely.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Enacting my commitments was not necessary. I knew what I wanted and I am chasing after it. 5. After I started college, I told everyone I knew. I was excited and I knew that when I did that, I could not quit. 6. Taking things one step at a time has been my motto in college. Setting priorities is important. An example could be not going out with friends because you have a paper that is due. 7. Looking back on the commitments you have made has helped me get this far. I look back and I have completed so many courses to get this far. Those classes are all commitments and it feels good looking back. 8. Maintaining hope is very important when a class is difficult to understand in college. Even when I thought I was going to do bad, it has always turned out to be better than I thought. 9. Structured activities are all laid out for me. I will complete them....
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Week 5 - PHY Fostering Commitment - 4. Enacting my...

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