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Week 7 - PHY Humility Action Plan

Week 7 - PHY Humility Action Plan - Humility Action Plan 1...

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Humility Action Plan 1. The first step is admitting bias. I am going to have to realize that what I think of myself may not be what it really is. I will need to replace false notions of myself with the hardcore truth. 2. The next step is seeking feedback from others. I need to find someone that will be able to give me honest feedback about myself. I know just the person. 3. Learning to laugh about myself is something that comes easy to me. I do need to learn this step. 4. Learning from other cultures is a good idea for me. I have not experienced other cultures. I believe that I good learn a thing or two about the Japanese culture. I think that I will learn from their strict values and their way of life. 5. Another step is cultivate the other strengths. One way I can do this is by keeping a gratitude journal. Every time I do something for someone else I will write it in this journal. That way I will be able to look at the journal six months from now and see all the nice things that I did for nothing.
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