Week 8 - HTT Why People Travel

Week 8 - HTT Why People Travel - We had a great time. I...

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Why People Travel There are so many different reasons why one would travel. So some of the reasons why people might travel are for relaxation, business, to visit family, vacation, and a death (funeral). There are many other reasons that people might travel as well as these. Traveling is fun for me. The last travel experience that I had was driving to Anaheim, California from Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas and back. It took about 22 hours to drive each way. I was traveling with my brother-in-laws. Eighteen year old twin boys, so it was interesting. We went to the Disneyland Resort and to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood.
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Unformatted text preview: We had a great time. I tortured them by making them ride the “It’s a Small World” attraction inside Disneyland. They did not talk to me for a little while after that, but it was worth it just to their faces. As far as Halloween Horror Nights went, they loved that too. They screamed like little girls when Jason (Friday the 13 th ) chased them out of his haunted house (maze). I wish I had a camera ready for that. That experience is something that I would love to do again. Maybe we will be able to do it again this year....
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