Week 1 - SCI241 Healthy Eating Plan

Week 1 - SCI241 Healthy Eating Plan - Healthy Eating Plan 1...

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Healthy Eating Plan 1 Healthy Eating Plan Eric DeMent Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Healthy Eating Plan 2 Healthy Eating Plan Eating healthy is something that everyone needs to do. It is something that everyone should do but most people do not think about it. Creating a healthy eating plan could be a great start to getting on the right track with nutrition. Making a plan for your nutrition can help you keep track of what you eat, what nutrients are in your food, and most importantly the plan can show what is not in your diet. The plan can help you realize what is missing from your diet. The thought of eating healthy might be scary to some people, but as people get older they realize the importance of eating healthy. Ultimately eating right could make you live longer. That may not be the case in my life. I have found that there are many nutrients that I am not getting in my diet. This could lead to a slow, agonizing death. Is it time for a change in nutrition for me? The current eating habits that I have are good in some aspects and bad in others. In order to find this out I had to document what I ate for a few days. First of all, I am not using a food diary in this process. A food journal sounds more masculine. Using a handy dandy food journal to document what you eat can help you identify your eating habits. If you have a bad eating habit, this is the way to find out what it is. My current eating habits consist of plenty of meats and grains. I am lacking the things that are good for me like vegetables, milk, and fruits. I am still getting some of what I need. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (2010), I am not meeting a healthy food diet. What are the nutrients that I am putting in my
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Week 1 - SCI241 Healthy Eating Plan - Healthy Eating Plan 1...

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