week 4 - SCI urbanization

week 4 - SCI urbanization - Urbanization 1 Urbanization...

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Urbanization 1 Urbanization Eric DeMent Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Urbanization 2 Urbanization Urbanization is not well known to the population. If you asked someone on the street what environmental urbanization was, they most likely would not be able to tell you what environmental urbanization is or what happens during urbanization. Is it a lack of knowledge of the subject from the citizens of the United States? In my opinion, environmental urbanization is not something people think about on a day to day basis. In order to talk about urbanization of the environment, one would have to know what it is and what are the benefits and challenges of environment urbanization. There are many definitions of urbanization on the internet and in dictionaries. One of the definitions, which I found on the internet, was from a science dictionary. According to Babylon @ a click (2008), means “transformation into a city; impartation of urban characteristics” and “the removal of the rural characteristics of a town or area, a process associated with the
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week 4 - SCI urbanization - Urbanization 1 Urbanization...

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