Week 5- SCI241 CheckPoint+Worksheet

Week 5- SCI241 CheckPoint+Worksheet - CheckPoint...

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CheckPoint Worksheet #5 Name: Eric DeMent___________________ Instructions: For each question indicate the correct answer using the highlight feature found in Microsoft Word. Complete the fill in the blank questions and short answer questions by typing in the space provided. Make sure your short answers are at least three sentences. Under each answer provide the page number of your text in which the answer was found. If you did not find the answer in the text you will need to include an in-text citation. Provide references at the end of the document in the space provided. Post your finished assignment in the assignment area of eCampus. Example: X. A sedentary lifestyle and ingesting an unhealthy diet can result in which of the following chronic diseases? A) Diabetes B) Heart Disease C) Cancer D) All of the above __E___ 1. Thiamine Essential for the maintenance of normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. ___H__ 2. Vitamin B 6 Needed for the synthesis of blood clotting proteins. ____F___ 3. Folate . Acts as an antioxidant that protects lipids by neutralizing reactive oxygen compounds before they can do damage. ___I___ 4. Vitamin B 12 Necessary for vision. ___G___ 5. Vitamin C Essential for the synthesis of ribose, a sugar that is part of the structure of RNA. __D____ 6. Vitamin A Necessary for the synthesis of DNA. ___A___ 7. Vitamin D Takes part in a reaction that is essential for the bonds that hold adjacent collagen molecules together ___C___ 8. Vitamin E
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Week 5- SCI241 CheckPoint+Worksheet - CheckPoint...

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