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Sponsored by: Sponsored by: This story appeared on Network World at http://www.networkworld.com/research/2004/0301hackers.html What are they thinking? Knowing hackers' favorite attack patterns and motivations can lead to better network security. By Deborah Radcliff , Network World , 03/01/2004 Hackers, crackers, carders and thieves are putting the squeeze on your network security . But what do you really know about them? What draws them to your network, and why do they do the things they do? Knowing the motivations of digital intruders helps you understand their behaviors, says Dr. Max Kilger, a social psychologist for the Honeynet Project . And understanding those behaviors can help you better protect your networks. With this in mind, Network World dug into three real cases to analyze the attackers' behaviors and motivations. The incidents include an outsider attack on a financial institution, the rooting of an e-commerce hosting provider to heist credit card numbers and an employee copying a client database from a brokerage firm to take to a new job at a competitor. Identifying what is common and what is unique about these attacks gives you information you can use to further your own protection, detection and forensics practices. Profile 1: The External Attack Profile 2: Credit Card Crooks Profile 3: Filching Files from Within Adrian Lamo: Profiling network administrators Meeces to pieces: What motivates the computer criminal Profiling defined All contents copyright 1995-2009 Network World, Inc. http://www.networkworld.com 10/1/2009 http://www.networkworld.com/resear… networkworld.com/cgi-bin/mailto/x.cgi… 1/1
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Sponsored by: Sponsored by: This story appeared on Network World at http://www.networkworld.com/research/2004/0301hackersprof1.html The external attack By Deborah Radcliff , Network World , 03/01/2004 For the most part, hackers break into corporations for one reason: Status. "The hacking community is a strong meritocracy where status is determined by level of competence," Kilger says. As such, most attackers go after corporate networks indiscriminately. They're looking for the weakest link. And when they do break in, they share their results with others in their community to prove their prowess. "These poorly protected victim companies are what I call 'targets of opportunity,'" explains Charles Neal, vice president of security for the managed security services numerous attacks on customers. Such was the case when security consultant Greg Gilliss investigated a digital break-in at a large financial institution last year. The mutual funds firm didn't call law enforcement because it conducts business with the government and didn't want them to know about it. The company suspected foul play when its vice president walked into his office and saw the cursor moving files
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hackers-profile - 10/1/2009 Sponsored by:...

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