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BILD 2 Handout 2

BILD 2 Handout 2 - BILD 2 TA Handout 2 David...

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BILD 2 TA Handout 2 David Kim ( [email protected] ) Section W 6:00-6:50PM (Center 217A), OH F 10:00-10:50AM (in front of Tap EX) The Nervous System Billions of nerve cells working together to rapidly transmit signals throughout the body 1. Central nervous system (CNS) Brain and Spinal Cord Receives and integrates information from the PNS Sends output signals through PNS to affect response (if any) 2. Peripheral nervous system (PNS) Afferent (sensory neurons): Send information to the CNS Efferent neurons (this includes motor neurons): Transmit messages from CNS to effector cells (e.g. muscles and glands)
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What are the main cell-types? 1. Neurons Transmits signals throughout the nervous system Capable of generating and rapidly transmitting electrical signals 2. Glia Support cells of the nervous system Outnumber neurons 10-50:1 Structure of neurons 1. Dendrites Receive incoming information and transmits signals to cell body 2. Cell Body Contains nucleus and other cellular organelles Integrates incoming signals 3. Axons Extensions from cell body that carry outgoing information o Many axons are wrapped in areas by myelin o This speeds up conduction of impulses along axon o Nodes of Ranvier: Non-myelinated regions along axon How do nerves transmit signals? The Synapse: the region where the axon terminal meets its target cell.
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BILD 2 Handout 2 - BILD 2 TA Handout 2 David...

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