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Week 4 Answers - Week Four Worksheet Neurotransmitters EPSP...

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Week Four Worksheet Neurotransmitters EPSP: Excitatory Postsynaptic Potentials IPSP: Inhibitory Postsynaptic Potentials 1. Can EPSP or IPSP cause the postsynaptic neuron to produce an action potential? Does this always happen? A: Recall that an action potential requires depolarization which means that only an EPSP would be capable of generating it in a postsynaptic neuron. That being said, a single EPSP is usually not strong enough to invoke an action potential at the postsynaptic neuron. Since, these postsynaptic potentials are graded, however, they can add if they arrive close together (temporal potential) or if more than one synapse sends an action potential to the same postsynaptic neuron (spatial summation) [This summation also applies to IPSP] 2. What do acetylcholinestrase, curare, and botulin toxixn all have in common? What are the similarities and differences in the mechanisms that allow them to achieve this? A: They all prevent the affects of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. (the most common neurotransmitter in both invertebrates and vertebrates) Acetylcholine has two types of receptors: Nicotinic Receptor - EPSP: in skeletal muscles Muscarinic Receptor - Goes through secondary pathway associated with G proteins - Receptor itself is not an ion channel but when the neurotransmitter binds there is a change in the structure of the receptor (protein) and this can communicate with another cell protein called g-proteins - G-proteins can either directly change the activity of the channel or activate
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Week 4 Answers - Week Four Worksheet Neurotransmitters EPSP...

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