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International Studies 11/Anthro 41a The Orient Express The European Miracle Mesopotamia/Babylon Persia Greece Rome Domestication of Barley - Rice - Wheat - Cattle - Chickens. ..where/when? Socrates - Zoroastrianism - Buddha - Confucius - 5th Century BC History vs. Historiography Blaut – The Colonizer’s Model of the World Environmental Reductionism Myth of Tropical Nastiness Myth of Lazy Africa Myth of Despotic, Arid Asia (Wittfogel) Myth of Temperate Europe Criss-Cross Diffusion - Technology Myth of European Religious Unity Myth of European Nuclear Family /Late European Marriages Myth of European Technological Superiority Fall of Rome Dark Ages/Medieval Period Baghdad – House of Wisdom Mohammed Islam/The Koran Mecca and the Ka'aba Center of Religion and Trade Cordoba Spain, Islamic Center in Europe Science and Learning in Islamic Empire House of Wisdom Baghdad, Persia
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IS11_Midterm_Review_Guide_-_Winter_2011[1] - International...

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