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Psy of Stress Notes(2) - EXAM 1 Part I Getting Started CH 1...

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EXAM 1 Part I: Getting Started CH 1: Stress in Today’s World Stress in today’s World More opportunities, freedom of choice, and info overload can lead to feeling overwhelmed & stressed. 64.5% of college students reported feeling overwhelmed according to one study. Stress: What is it? Stress is a demand upon the adaptive capacities of the mind and body. Stressor = Stimulus Stress = Response Stress : the physiological response that is activated when the mind perceives a threat. Stressor : Any event or situation that an individual perceives as a threat; precipitates either adaptation or the stress response. 3 Aspects of Stress: 1. How you experience stress depends on personal view of the stressor – can be both positive/negative factor in life. 2. Your reaction rather than the actual event determines whether outcome will be positive/negative. 3. Stress is a demand upon the body’s capacity . When capacity for handling stress is strong/healthy outcome is positive. When ability to handle demands is lacking, outcome is negative. ** Relate stress to building a muscle; have to break it down some so it will grow… too little stress = boredom & Yerkes-Dodson Principle A tenet holding that a certain amount of stress is healthy, useful, and even beneficial, but when stress exceeds one’s abilities to cope, the overload contributes to diminished performance, inefficiency, and even health problems. **guitar string analogy of stress** The Terminology of Stress Eustress : is positive, desirable stress; keeps life interesting and helps to motivate and inspire. Distress : is the negative, energy-draining form of stress (Usually referring to distress when talk about “stress”). Acute and Chronic Stress ** Stress can be acute, episodic acute, or chronic. The effects on health vary w/ each type. ** Acute Stress : Stress that results from short-term stressors Episodic Acute Stress : frequent bouts of acute stress Chronic Stress Holistic Health Understanding Health – There is a direct relationship between health and stress…a holistically healthy person functions as a total balanced person ** Holistic Health = Putting it all together ** 2 Important Points about Health are: 1. Health is more than just the absence of disease. Focus is on increasing capacity for dealing w/ stress to enjoy optimal health/well-being rather than simply controlling stress to prevent disease/other negative consequences of stress. 2.Health is more than just physical. Holistic health : is a view of health that encompasses all 5 dimensions of health: physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social dimensions. An imbalance in any dimension affects overall health, and stress affects all dimensions of health. Dimensions of Health
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Psy of Stress Notes(2) - EXAM 1 Part I Getting Started CH 1...

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