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addiction Alcohol Video - Alcohol Video Throughout history...

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Alcohol Video Throughout history Medicine, antiseptic, sacrament, beverage with meals Uses: Enjoyment, escape, numbing, social lubricant, experience new things Revenue source (contributes to its being legal): $13.50 per proof gallon to Fed.Gov. 2/3 oz. pure ethanol= one drink Types Methyl; Isopropyl(rubbing); Butyl; Ethanol (psychoactive) Digestion/Absorption Saliva dilutes it some; mucous membrane absorbs some 20 % in stomachs of men, but not women Small intestine, absorbed by capillaries, blood stream, liver In liver, metabolized by enzymes, including alcohol dehydrogenase To heart, brain, and every organ of the body Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Excreted by lungs, skin, kidneys Rate of absorption Age Body weight Gender-women absorb faster than men and get higher BAC Health Amount absorbed Metabolized at continuous rate regardless of amount (zero order) Stages: Experimentation Social/Recreational Habituation Abuse Addiction Effects of Ethanol Desired effects: acts as a depressant for mild relaxation and to decrease muscle tension & stress, no pain. 1-2 drinks/day: decreases risk of gall stones, feels like enhanced appetite, associated with decreased MI and stroke. Dose related effects on cardiovascular when used regularly and impact on various fats
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More than 2 drinks, the greater the problems. In moderation, no evidence of permanent cellular damage. Desired effect is disinhibition of the user. “Can say what you want.” Daniel Amen, M.D.-Affects frontal lobes which are 30% of brain, the largest part. Used for thoughtfulness, planning, thinking before doing and saying things. “Bottle courage”- doing what one would not do when sober; overcoming fear. Manipulation of GABA (inhibitory function); adenosine, ion channels, Ca++ channels all affected for a complex set of regulatory events affecting behavior. Contraindications: pregnancy, taking meds affected by etoh, etoh dependent, preexisting
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addiction Alcohol Video - Alcohol Video Throughout history...

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