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addiction Ch 9 Textbook Ch

addiction Ch 9 Textbook Ch - Chapter Nine Textbook Ch.9...

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Chapter Nine Textbook Ch.9 Alcohol Study Guide (does not include hand-out materials or video) 1. What is distillation? What is proof? 2. The earliest reference to distilled spirits appeared where and when? 3. Early Americans became known for their alcohol consumption. By 1830, what was the average number of drinks per day for each adult? 4. Who is credited with the idea that alcoholism is a disease? What year? 5. Why did Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford support the Temperance Movement? 6. What is considered “heavy” drinking? 7. What are some of the body systems alcohol affects? 8. What is alcohol formally classified as? 9. What are ways the consumer of alcohol can slow down alcohol absorption? 10. What are ways the consumer of alcohol can speed up alcohol consumption? 11. About what per-cent of alcohol is absorbed in the stomach? 12. Would we expect to find higher concentrations of alcohol in bone tissue or in blood? 13.
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