addiction ch 11. Marijuana

addiction ch 11. Marijuana - Marijuana In general,...

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Marijuana In general, tolerance effects following repeated administrations of THC are greater as the dosage level of THC increases. Because marijuana(M) is absorbed into fatty tissues, its elimination may take days, weeks or months. Development of a cannabinol/anandamide antagonist allows for demonstration of acute withdrawal symptoms in laboratory animals. In one study, human volunteers were administered "large" doses of THC every four hours for ten days. Within twelve hours after last dose, symptoms reported included hot flashes, irritability, restlessness and insomnia. In another study (1976), subjects smoked one marijuana cigarette (size and level of THC instead) daily for 28 days (more like the typical marijuana user) with no withdrawal symptoms (for how long was the user monitored?? enough time for all THC to leave their body??) Another study (1999), subjects smoked marijuana cigarettes with 2-3% THC four/day for four days Abstinence symptoms of irritability, stomach pain, anxiety, and loss of appetite began within 48 hours and lasted at least two days. In 2007, the amount of THC in seized M averaged 9.6%, compared to 8.75% in 2006-University
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addiction ch 11. Marijuana - Marijuana In general,...

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