addiction ch 11. Marijuana chem.

addiction ch 11. Marijuana chem. - Marijuana Neurochemistry...

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Marijuana: Neurochemistry and Physiology Video Cannabis sativa has hundreds of molecules and 60 similar cannabinoid compounds. Most important is the potent delta-9-THC: tetrahydrocannabinol (psychoactive). The desire for its mental effects leads to its being most used illicit psychoactive drug in the world. Suppresses inhibitions, open subconscious. BOTANY Street names: pot, buds, herb, chronic, the kind; hundreds of varieties that sound like brand names. Three species: Cannabis sativa: most plentiful and tall; grown around the world; abundant THC; used for both its active resins and fiber (hemp= minimal THC). Cannabis indica- skunk weed; high THC concentration; is a source of hashish which is a highly concentrated source of THC; grown India and middle east, and lately, in the U.S. Cannabis ruderalis- minimal fiber use or psychic effect; central Asia. To increase potency, sinsemilla technique used= female plants not pollinated by the male plants to increase THC. Medical THC is grown openly in some places in limited quantities. Under the influence: sense of déjà vu, increase in novelty and sense of awareness, sense of being separated from the environment, increased appetite, increased giddiness with stronger marijuana (MJ) and distortions of time, sound, and colors may stand out. BRAIN CHEMISTRY THC mimics neurochemical existing naturally in the body/brain-endogenous cannabinoids (endocannabinoids). The first one discovered was anandamide. Another one is 2AG (arachidonylglyceride); 10 times the amount of these than endorphins and involved in many activities like modulating sensitivity of mind to things; anandamides
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addiction ch 11. Marijuana chem. - Marijuana Neurochemistry...

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