addiction ch. 10 Heroin

addiction ch. 10 Heroin - Heroin(video From Pleasure to...

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Heroin(video): From Pleasure to Pain Addicts think about heroin, how to get it, using it, and risk legal and medical problems. Lowered cost and improved purity added to the problems from heroin (like ER visits). Drug abuse #1 health problem in the US. Over 5000 years ago the Sumerians called opium the “joy plant”. From opium comes codeine, morphine, heroin. 3000 years ago Egyptian medical techs used it as a cure-all and poison. Opium tinctures used medically anciently. Abuse potential was lower for opium because it tastes bad (in tinctures). Pipe went from North America to Europe and increased widespread use, esp. China. In the 19 th century, Opium Wars. Chinese wanted the British to stop importing opium; war broke out twice. In 19 th century, refinement of morphine from opium; morphine is X10 stronger than opium; this plus the invention of the hypodermic needle allowed greater concentration in blood stream and popularized morphine. Before start of the 20 th century, heroin is semi-synthesized from opium; it had many uses, even as a cure for morphine and alcohol addiction (why would people believe this??). By 1914 addiction widespread and casual non-medical use made illegal.(which Act??) 1924- heroin made illegal, increasing crime by organized crime, Columbian cartels, Chinese triads, Asia, Mexico, and revolutionary armies By year 2000, heroin use had increased to levels higher than since the Viet Nam War. There are approximately 800,000 heroin addicts in the US (higher since film was made). Heroin, strongest derivative from opium, is illegal. Morphine and many synthetics are
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addiction ch. 10 Heroin - Heroin(video From Pleasure to...

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