addiction Methamphetamine Video

addiction Methamphetamine Video - Methamphetamine Video...

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Methamphetamine Video More difficult to quit than many other substances. Some places and people are triggers. Very large reinforcement with euphoria that will be more and more difficult to achieve and being without is hard to endure. BASIC NEUROCHEMISTRY CNS stimulant Method of use determines rate at which the speed reaches the brain BBB-keep out harmful substances (Notice teeth) NE, EPI, DA, 5HT-alters neurotransmitters; EPI= energy via SNS to organs NE = increases confidence & well being; DA = activates the reward reinforcement pathway Increase NT: 1. Forces release of NT at terminal 2. Transporter pumps “push” NT to receptors Sustained use leads to damage/unbalanced chemistry- memory; recover from short term use. Can’t get high after awhile, receptor over-stimulated; receptor “shrinks” into membrane; drug has less impact. MA enters terminals of presynaptic neuron and damages terminals so DA is lost temporarily 6-12 months before grow back. NTs depleted so user increases dose to avoid crash. Six Factors sabotaging quitting:
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addiction Methamphetamine Video - Methamphetamine Video...

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