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exam 2 class notes 11-16 - PSY 361 11-16-10 Intelligence...

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PSY 361 11-16-10 Intelligence Looking Ahead o Tuesday: Today o Thursday Piaget/Review Own your notes: you better know them very well o Tuesday: Test o Thursday: No class Multifacted : Howard Gardner o Brain does more than just solve problems Language Word relations and sounds Logics mathematical Problem solving and math Visual spatial Mental manipulation of objects Julian story (76 or 78 route) o Cappy is better than MaryAnn due to Genes and Environment o He may have more experience looking at maps, knowing the area. .. o Cappy’s brain could be sensitive to that kind of information o Maybe he’s better because he’s male Adam Principle : development is feminine until something is added Hormones have a powerful influence/impact on morphology (formed structure) If hormones/testosterone have such an impact on microscopic morphology (genitalia), then couldn’t it have an influence on brain structure o Whole New Overlay of what is Intelligence; Nontraditional in how to measure children’s IQ Kinesthetic Brain controls the body and how the body responds Balance and depth perception Brain making sense out of the volatile moving world Interpersonal Know about other people, how other people respond, and interactions Clinical Psychologists should be good with this Intuition: thoughtless o You have good interpersonal intelligence, not intuition.
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o You have the capability to see the little stuff which gives you cues; you read it very quickly Intrapersonal What you know about yourself; strengths, weaknesses, capabilities (limits) Musical Hear the note, reproduction of the note, placement of the tongue, etc. Perfect pitch, relative pitch His sister change to be able to sing is good for us because we are then not stuck in one type of performance Naturalistic Sciences, nature; how the world works in the natural way o One of our major jobs as a parent is to… …manipulate the environment, to identify (and promote) any one of these Competency, confidence, capable, etc. Capacity vs Performance
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exam 2 class notes 11-16 - PSY 361 11-16-10 Intelligence...

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