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the importance of play

the importance of play - Lauren Gurican Child Psychology...

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Lauren Gurican Child Psychology The Importance of Play Most definitely play is important for children! All aspects of a child’s development are influenced by experiences they have while playing. Simply put, play is important for the healthy development of the brain. A child explores and tests their environment by interacting with the different elements, they play with it (their environment), it is their way of learning. When children are young, playing with objects helps nurture and develop their fine motor skills, just as running and climbing strengthen core muscles and gross motor skills. Socially, play gives children the opportunity to develop values and refine their social skills by practicing on a safe imaginary audience (which helps reinforce the principles you the parent have been working so hard at teaching). Like wise, much of a child’s emotional development occurs during the course of play. Part of playing for children includes creating their own world. They create an
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