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Lauren Gurican Child Psychology Parenting Giving children everything they need is far more difficult a tasks than giving them everything they want. The job description includes being the “bad guy” at times sin order to teach or “condition” the behaviors of your children. For example, behaviors such as politeness, sharing, and patience are not characteristics we as humans possess when we are born. We must be taught these things over and over before we learn and practice them. We learn these, and just about everything else we discover about the world, mostly from our parents and families during the early years of our development. I have learned about these three types of parenting styles in some of my other classes, and of course, the authoritative style would be ideal. But the reality of the matter is that most parents are not locked into one style. I think many parents flip flop between all three depending on the situation, their mood, the child’s attitude, and many other factors. Parents need to be trained as well.
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