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Lauren Gurican Hysterical Neurosis After researching the condition of “hysterical neurosis”, I was somewhat confused. It seems to me that the diagnosis was used when doctors and psychiatrists simply did not know what was going on. The list of symptoms that I found ranged from paralysis loss off sensation, speech abnormalities, blindness, and “hysterical convulsions” (fits), and so on… The broad spectrum of symptoms seems a little bewildering to me. I understand that the technology was very limited back then and so therefore the knowledge and understanding that people had about the body and mind and how they function was very primitive so Freud’s theories were largely based upon his observations of his patients rather than actual medical science. The fact that hysterical neurosis was originally believed to be strictly a women’s disease (that stemmed form the shifting of the uterus from one part of the body to another because of sexual frustration is reflective of both the lack of knowledge that modern medicine has given us, as well as the societal
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