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Exam 2 Complete Notes

Exam 2 Complete Notes - PSY 361*Paper is postponed yet...

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PSY 361 10-26-10 **Paper is postponed yet another week** Socialization Socialization : The passing on of values, attitudes, behaviors, cognitions, and beliefs from society to the individual o goes from society to the individual; text often says from parent to child parents have the first shot at it, but they are not it we’re going around the room and sharing what is socialized by society/parents recognizing approachability (posture/language, & personal space/intimacy), to wash your hands, gender scripted color preference, religious beliefs (what, when, where to do practice?), gender scripted toys, clothing trends, how children respond to elders, dating behavior (who asks who out?), respect with listening/eye contact, what you’re supposed to do at school, valuing of higher education, manners, when/where/how to apologize, styling one’s hair a certain way, how you would treat a senior citizen versus an infant, study habits, music taste, non- verbal communication, groups/cohorts: what you belong to (i.e. fraternity), emotional control: temper tantrums, sexual values, choose not to bite/yell, choose to be passionate, exercise habits, choice of occupation, our diets, prejudice (seism, sexism, racism), level of honesty, body-type ideal, knowing right from wrong/ knowing deviant/vs. non-deviants, political beliefs, safety behaviors (looking both ways when crossing street), girls carrying purses, the ideal partner, what should a sister/brother do, medicine: how you treat an illness, personal hygiene, long-term goals, putting the toilet seat down, what sports you like, etc. things that are learned have been socialized o What’s not socialized? Reflexes : biologically based responses that are not learned are not socialized Smiling comes under social control Can be reinforced or punished o When are we socialized? From birth to death We are always being influenced by society Society reacting in macro environment o Who socializes? Parents, friends, people older than us, children other children, teachers, babies, dogs, media, community/culture we’re a part of, step-parents,
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rock-stars, actors/actresses, sports figures, priests/rabbis and others who lead religions, etc. o What values, behaviors, attitudes do you want your child to have? Temperament: early foundation biologically of personality Alcoholism (caused by genes and environment)? Selfishness? o Why; (1) Freudian theory Identification: we identify with ___ (boy/girl; dad/mom) o Boy wants to be like dad (Oedipus complex) “Damn-it-to-hell” story [Email me if you want to know about it] o [back to gender scripts] (2) Learning theory We learn our values How do you get your child to listen? o You reinforce the behavior Reinforce : increases the likelihood of a behavior to occur Punish : diminishes the likelihood of a behavior to occur Learning Theory Table Present Take Away Positive Increases the behavior (trying to get those kisses) Reduce the likelihood of event (Punishment: take away a cell phone/allowance/car) Negative
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