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Unformatted text preview: 1 Long-Term Memory Dr. Kim Vu PSY 332: Cognition 1 Session 11 Links to Acquisition, Retrieval, and Storage Encoding IS important Shallow vs. Deep Mnemonics PSY 332: Cognition 2 Dr. Kim Vu Understanding Chunking Massed vs. Distributed practice However, Acquisition is not independent of retrieval and storagethey are all connected. Story Time (Pichert & Anderson) Participants heard the same story from a particular point of view PSY 332: Cognition 3 Dr. Kim Vu Each recalled different aspects of the storypoints relevant to their point of view Results PSY 332: Cognition 4 Dr. Kim Vu Recall of Previously Unrecallable Events After participants were asked to recall all the details of the story and indicated that they could not remember anything else PSY 332: Cognition 5 Dr. Kim Vu They were asked to switch views Can they remember any more details about the story? Like Attention Memory is very selective Very dependent on PSY 332: Cognition 6 Dr. Kim Vu Very dependent on _________________________________ 2 Encoding Specificity The tendency, when memorizing, to place in memory both the PSY 332: Cognition 7 Dr. Kim Vu ________________________________ __________________________________ Encoding Specificity Subjects were shown short sentences that contained an adjective and a noun....
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Session 11_LongTerm_Memory_handout - 1 Long-Term Memory Dr....

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