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Unformatted text preview: 1 Visual Knowledge: Imagery Dr. Kim Vu PSY 332: Cognition 1 Imagery Session 19 Visual Knowledge Examines Mental Imagery Nonverbal knowledge PSY 332: Cognition 2 Dr. Kim Vu Measuring Mental Imagery Galton Circulated questionnaires to 100 people PSY 332: Cognition 3 Dr. Kim Vu Results Some reported images as clear as the ______________________ Some only provided PSY 332: Cognition 4 Dr. Kim Vu Some only provided _____________ descriptions Same problem with __________________ Developments in Visual Knowledge 1960s Formal, quantitative assessment of imagery PSY 332: Cognition 5 Dr. Kim Vu Functional-Equivalency Theory Mental imagery is functionally equivalent to the actual percept Scanning PSY 332: Cognition 6 Dr. Kim Vu Mental rotation 2 Kosslyn et al. (1978) PSY 332: Cognition 7 Dr. Kim Vu Reproduce the map from memory Then, with their eyes closed, they were asked to form an image of the island and point focus on a specific landmark PSY 332: Cognition 8 Dr. Kim Vu Imagine a black speck moving at a constant speed from one point to another one. When the speck reaches the destination, press the button Measure RT....
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Session 19_Visual_Knowledge_Imagery_handout - 1 Visual...

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