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Review for Exam 2_handout

Review for Exam 2_handout - Memory(continued...

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1 Review for Exam 2 Exam 2: Wednesday October 28, 2009 Format of the Exam Multiple Choice 45 questions (2 pts each, 90 pts total) Essay Question 1 question (10 pts) Coverage Chapters 5, 6, 7 and pp. 354-358 of Chapter 10 All Class Lecture Material Emphasis Majority of exam: Material covered in both lecture and book Some Material covered in lecture only Some Material covered in the book only Memory Chapters 5, 6, and 7 (entire chapters) What is memory? Introductory material (in class) Basic tests Memory processes Different memory classifications Sensory memory Short-term or working memory Long-term memory The modal model Serial Position curve Factors affecting the shape of the serial position curve Memory (continued) Short-term/Working Memory Span tests Evidence for/against the magic number 7+ 2 Factors influencing memory span Pronunciation rate Word length Similarity Chunking The working memory model (Baddeley) Role of each component; evidence Memory (continued) Getting information into Long-Term Memory
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