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Session 2_NeuralBasis_Visual_system_handout - Neural Basis...

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1 Neural Basis of Cognition and the Dr. Kim Vu PSY 332: Cognition 1 Visual System Session 2 Why Are We Covering the Neural Basis of Cognition? ± ± We need to understand the basis of neural PSY 332: Cognition 2 Dr. Kim Vu functioning in order to understand perceptual and cognitive processes ± This is just an overview since PSY 241 (Psychobiology) is a prerequisite for this course A Look at the Brain: Capgras Syndrome ± A rare disorder ² Recognize a person _________________ ² Claim the person is __________________ PSY 332: Cognition 3 Dr. Kim Vu ± Implies that facial recognition involves two systems in the brain ² __________ appraisal ² __________ appraisal Testing Hypotheses Regarding the Capgras Syndrome with Neuroimaging techniques Ad l PSY 332: Cognition 4 Dr. Kim Vu ± Amygdala- ± Frontal lobes- Principle Structures of the Brain ± The brain is divided into three main structures ² ________________- heart beat, rhythm of PSY 332: Cognition 5 Dr. Kim Vu breathing, alertness ² ________________- movement, relay of auditory information ² ________________- perception, language comprehension, thought, planning PSY 332: Cognition 6 Dr. Kim Vu
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Session 2_NeuralBasis_Visual_system_handout - Neural Basis...

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