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Session 5_Selective Attention_handout - Attention Selective...

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1 Selective Attention Dr. Kim Vu PSY 332: Cognition 1 Session 5 What is attention? ± ± PSY 332: Cognition 2 Dr. Kim Vu What is Attention? ± A term broadly used to encompass selectively attending to information and a capacity limitation in information processing. Attention can also be considered a state of conscious awareness, accompanied by sensory clearness, and CNS readiness for response to stim li the act of PSY 332: Cognition 3 Dr. Kim Vu readiness for response to stimuli; the act of focusing on specific stimuli or specific aspects of the environment… ± APA Dictionary of Psychology (2006) ± Two primary themes characterize the phenomena people allude to with the term attention Attention PSY 332: Cognition 4 Dr. Kim Vu ± ± ± Attention ² Selective attention ² Divided attention PSY 332: Cognition 5 Dr. Kim Vu ² Selective attention and divided attention are ____________________ A Selective Attention Task ± Basketball Demo from the last session. PSY 332: Cognition 6 Dr. Kim Vu
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2 ± Difficulty of selection depends on ___________________ Selective Attention PSY 332: Cognition 7 Dr. Kim Vu ² __________ dimension ² __________ dimensions Dichotic Listening Task ± Two messages are presented to each ear ± __________________ in the attended ear Understanding of message PSY 332: Cognition 8 Dr. Kim Vu ± ² ² Dichotic listening (Cherry; 1953) PSY 332: Cognition 9 Dr. Kim Vu But they could report ____________________ of the message.
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Session 5_Selective Attention_handout - Attention Selective...

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