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Session 10_ST_Working_Memory_handout - 1 Short-term or...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Short-term or Working Memory Dr. Kim Vu Psy 332: Cognition 1 Working Memory Session 10 A look at the original working memory model by Baddeley and Hitch Psy 332: Cognition 2 Dr. Kim Vu The Central Executive Least Defined Component (of the three original) On-line processor Psy 332: Cognition 3 Dr. Kim Vu Multiple purpose Engagement Phonological loop Represents information via an inner voice Articulatory suppression Psy 332: Cognition 4 Dr. Kim Vu Errors: Information is forgotten very quickly if not rehearsed Important in Learning to read Comprehending language Acquiring vocabulary Phonological Loop: Decomposed Phonological Loop Psy 332: Cognition 5 Dr. Kim Vu Short-term Phonological Buffer Subvocal Rehearsal Loop Visuospatial Sketchpad Process and represent information visually Spatial tasks that can be performed Psy 332: Cognition 6 Dr. Kim Vu 2 Episodic Buffer A new component added in 2000 to help resolve problems Limited capacity Psy 332: Cognition 7 Dr. Kim Vu Can ________________________ from the phonological loop, visuospatial sketchpad, and long-term memory Allows the central executive ________________ Needs to be explored further in the future!...
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Session 10_ST_Working_Memory_handout - 1 Short-term or...

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