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Chapter 9: Emotions in social relationships 1. What is Lorenz’s opinion regarding aggression? Aggression is an innate drive like hunger, and that human culture is in peril: aggression threatens to run out of control because technology and bureaucracy hold back humans from reconciliation and peace-making 2. What are three social goals of humans? One is attachment. Its function is primarily that of protection and care for the immature infant. Second, kind of social motivation is called affiliation, and it is often described in the research literature as warmth. In humans, it is the core of kindness, of friendship, and also of long- term sexual bonding that we call romantic love. The third kind of social motivation is assertion of power which is the motivation of competition and of conflict. 3. What is the relationship between attachment and affiliation? Are the two identically prioritized across cultures? Goldberg concluded that alongside the protective functions of attachment there is another function that is separable but equally important, the system of affiliation, warmth and affection. This includes sensitivity. 4. What are the three ways that emotions are social? 1. just as with individual goals, emotions are evaluations, or appraisals, of events that affect different kinds of social goals. 2. emotions are not solely determined by appraisals of events. 3. most importantly, emotions create social relationships. 5. What was Bowlby’s idea? Bowlby’s idea was that the attachment relationship of infancy creates a template for later intimate relationships. 6. Pup retrieval in rats is equivalent to what in humans? Retrieval is equivalent, in human mothers, to the attachment function of responding to the babies cries. 7. What is the new finding of gene-environment interaction?
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Emotions_Study_Guide - Chapter 9: Emotions in social...

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