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Happiness Study Guide - Psych 336 Psychology of Emotion Dr...

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Psych. 336: Psychology of Emotion Dr. Ralph B. Hupka STUDY QUESTIONS Bertrand Russell's "The Conquest of Happiness ." The book was written in the 30s. It was common in those days to use the words "man" or "men" when referring to males and females. Russell had a dry sense of humor and frequently made absurd statements in the book for the purpose of entertainment. ### What is Walt Whitman's opinion of animals? Why? To what does he attribute the root of happiness? Chapter I Russell briefly lists some of the causes of unhappiness due to social systems. What are they? What is the cause of day-to- day unhappiness? What are the three kinds of self- absorption? (i.e., what are the symptoms of each one?) What is the cure for each one? Chapter II Does the quest for knowledge ultimately lead to unhappiness? What is the cause of unhappiness of some scholars, according to Russell? Why is love important and to be valued? Chapter III What is Russell's opinion regarding the pursuit of success? What distinction does Russell make between success, being wealthy, and showing excellence? What is the relationship between boredom, happiness, and success? What are the consequences of competition? Does Russell recommend that we abandon the competitive spirit and the search for success? Chapter IV
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Happiness Study Guide - Psych 336 Psychology of Emotion Dr...

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