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A Partial List of Terms Used in Psychobiology Fall 2008 CHAPTER 2 KEYWORDS CHAPTER 6 KEYWORDS Afferent neurons Bipolar cells Amygdala Blindspot Anterior pituitary Central vision Arachnoid matter Cones Autonomic nervous system Dorsal stream Basal ganglia Fovea Blood brain barrier Ganglion cells Broca's area Inferior temporal corex Central nervous system (CNS) Iris Central sulcus Lateral geniculate nucleus of thalamus Cerebellum Left visual field Cerebral spinal fluid Lens Choroid plexus Magnocellular cells Cingulate gyrus Occipital lobe damage Corpus callosum Optic chiasm Decision Optic nerve Dectection Optic radiations Diencephalon Optic tract Dorsal Parietal cortex Dorsal root Parvocellular cells Dorsal root ganglion Peripheral vision Dura matter Photoreceptors Efferent neurons Primary visual cortex (V1/Striate) Execution Pupil Forebrain Retina Frontal lobe Retino geniculo cortical pathway Gray matter Right visual field Hindbrain Rods Hippocampus Saccadic movement Hormone Ventral stream Hypothalamus Visual transduction Inferior colliculi Lateral geniculate nucleus
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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 7 KEYWORDS Medial geniculate nucleus Association cortex Medulla oblongata Basilar membrane Meninges Choclea Mesencephalon Deiter's cells Metencephalon Hair cels Midbrain Hierarchial organization of cortex Motor cortex Incus Motor neurons Inner ear Myelencephalon Malleus Occipital lobe Medical geniculate nucleus of thalamus Parasympathetic nervous system Middle ear Parietal lobe Organ of corti Peripheral nervous system (PNS) Ossicles Pia matter Outer ear Pons Oval window Posterior pituitary Pinna Recognition Primary cortex Sensory neurons Round window Sensory transduction Secondary cortex Skull Sound transduction Somatic nervous system Stapes Somatosensory cortex Tectorial membrane Spinal nerves Tympanic membrane Subarachnoid space Substantia nigra Superior colliculi Sympathetic nervous system Tectum Tegmentum Telencephalon Temporal lobe Thalamus Vental root Ventral Wernicke's area White matter...
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