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A Partial List of Terms Used in Psychobiology Fall 2008 Chapter 9 kewords Chapter 14 keywords Alpha waves acetylcholine Beta waves Alzheimer's disease (AD) Cataplexy anterograde amnesia circadian cycle basal forebrain Circadian rhythm Biological changes in AD Delta waves Cognex EEG Conditioned stimulus Evolutionary function Conditoned response Functions of sleep Declerative memory K complex Episodic memory Learning and memory function H.M. Locus coeruleus Habituation Narcolepsy Hippocampus Nonvisualphotoreceptors Morris water maze NREM sleep Negative reinforcement paradoxical sleep neurofribrillary tangles REM sleep Pavlovain conditioning Restorative function plaques Retinohypothalamic tract Positive reinforcement Sleep apnea Procedural memory sleep paralysis Punishment Sleep spindle retrograde amnesia
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Unformatted text preview: Sleep walking Semantic memory Stage 2 sleep Sensitization Stage 3 sleep Spatial learning Stage 4 sleep Unconditioned response Suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) Unconditioned stimulus Theta waves Visual photoreceptors Chapter 10 keywords Adipsia Anorexia nervosa Aphagia Arcurate nucleus Bulimia nervosa Cephalic reflex Cholescystokining (CCK) Conditioned hunger Conditioned taste aversion Feeding center Ghrelin Glucagon Glucose Glucostatic theory Hyperphagia Insulin Lateral hypothalamus (LH) Leptin LH lesion syndrome Neuropeptide Y Nigrostriatal pathway Norepinephrine Obesity Paraventricular nucleus (PVN) Satiety center Serotonin Ventromedial hypothalamus (VMH) VMH lesion syndrome...
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