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A Partial List of Terms Used in Psychobiology Fall 2008 Chapter 5 kewords Chapter 12 keywords Absorption Acute stress Adenosine receptors adrenocorticotropic hormone Alcohol Amygdala Alcohol Anger Amphetamine Canon Bard theory of emotion Analgesia Chronic stress Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Cingulate cortex Barbiturate Corticotrophin releasing factor Beer Cortisol Benzodiazepine Disgust blood alcohol concentration Emotion Blood concentrations Fear Caffeine Fear Cirrhosis Glucocorticoids Cocaine Hippocampus Craving hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis Delirium tremens Hypothalamus Depressants James Lange theory of emotion Direct agonist Limbic system Direct antagonist Physiological stressor Distilled spirits Pleasure Dopamine release Psychological stressor Dopamine transporter Sadness Drug liking Schachters cognitive model of emotion Drug use by age Septum Durg wanting Stress response Epilepsy Surprise Euphoria Thalamus GABA
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Unformatted text preview: GABA receptor Glutamate Chapter 15 keywords half ‐ life Bipolar depression Indirect agonist Dysthymia Indirect antagonist Functional abnormalities Inhalation Gender differenes in MDD and bipolar depression insomnia Lithium Intramuscular Major depressive disorder (MDD) Intravenous Mania Korsakoff's syndrome MAO ‐ I Narcolepsy Monoamine hypothesis of depression Neurotoxicity Second generation antidepressants NMDA receptor Structural abnormalities Opioids Symptoms of biporal depression Oral injextion Symptoms of MDD Partial agonist Tricyclic antidepressants Physical dependende Psychoactive drug Psycholoical dependence Psychostimulants Psychotic reactions Pure agonist Sedative ‐ hypnoitc drug Sensitization Subcutaneous Substance abuse Substance dependence Tolerance Types of opioids Weight loss Wine Withdrawal symptoms...
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