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lec 6-10 extra slides

lec 6-10 extra slides - Review pathway Retina opticnerve...

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10/21/2008 1 Review Retino geniculo coritcal pathway Æ Retina Æ optic nerve Æ optic chiasm Æ optic tract Æ LGN Æ optic radiations Æ primary visual cortex Two layers of the LGN – Magnocellular (1 and 2) and Parvocellular (3 6) Magno cellular – moving stimuli, rods Parvocellular – color and visual deal, cones, Fovea Right visual field processed by Left LGN and visual cortex Left visual field processed by Rigth LGN and visual cortex Blindsight – responding to objects without being conscious Dorsal stream – ends in parietal cortex and is associated with “Where” object are Ventral stream ends in inferior temporal cortex and is associated with “What” an object is Hierarchical organization of sensory systems
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