Dist of wealth in US

Dist of wealth in US - Lauren Gurican Soc 101; 10am Exam 2...

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Lauren Gurican Soc 101; 10am Exam 2 The Distribution of Wealth in the United States The distribution of wealth in the United States is drastically skewed, with the majority of our nation’s assets and wealth resting in the hands of a minute few. According to figure 8.1 on page 167 of our textbook, ten percent of families in the United States own 68 percent of the combined net worth of all American families, that is 68 percent of the 31 trillion dollars that Americans are worth, belongs to only ten percent. That means that the rest of the families in the US (90 %) put together only claim 32 percent of the total worth… seems a little unfair doesn’t it? Now, consider that a trivial one percent of Americans own 40 percent of all the assets in the US-- only one percent of the entire population owns nearly 50 percent of all the real estate, stocks and bonds, businesses, etc. in the entire country! Surprising numbers coming from a country that claims a foundation built upon equality! This drastic inequality that exists within our society has both its positive and negative affects on our societies ability to function, and depending on your perspective, the role it plays in social order varies. Many aspects of a person’s life are impacted by their social class and the level of their social standing. For a vast majority of the time, the higher up on the social ladder a person sits, the more opportunities that become available to them. Better access to healthcare and education,
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Dist of wealth in US - Lauren Gurican Soc 101; 10am Exam 2...

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