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Clinical freud lect - Oedipal Complex Castration anxiety...

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Clinical 10-15-09 Freud and Psychoanalysis History & Background Born in chekoslovockia 1850s moved to vehena, family Jewish but more secular, succeed in society, go as far as he can academically and socially, wants to become research practitioner of medicine, does some research on cocaine (not yet rec drug…used for pain relief) may be first rec user of cocaine, engaged to Martha burgaids, b/c anti seminism there was a quota for how many Jews could teach in university, so he shifts focus to hystera 1980’s… Breuer & study and hysteria Hysterical blindness, function of optical nerve fine… hysterical paralysis…. Becomes area of study… Work with charcot Friendship w/ Fliess Vienna Psychoanalytic society (Wednesday group) Ferenczi, Jones Adler & Freud Jung & Freud The committee Psychoanalytic Theory Conscious vs unconscious Acceptance & abandonment of Seduction Theory
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Unformatted text preview: Oedipal Complex. Castration anxiety Electra complex. Penis envy Oral, anal, phallic stages Ego, id, superego Freud’s self analysis Dream analysis: manifest vs latent Basic wish, displacement, condemsation, dream symbols Free association Transference and counter transference WWI: eros plus thanatos (death drive) Sociological, anthropological, and artistic implications of theory: totom & taboo; Moses, Leonardo, Hamlet Was there a sexual relationship: Evidence from Jung Peter Swales theory NY Times (12/24/06): Swiss hotel longs indicate that Freud, age 42 & Bernays, age 33 register as married couple in 1898 Major contributions Unconscious motivation Importance of early childhood Technology of psycnotherapy Meta-analysis of culture & history Dethroning ratioality...
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Clinical freud lect - Oedipal Complex Castration anxiety...

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