America & Unequalities

America & Unequalities - In the past Do taxes have...

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P SY 350I—P SYCHOLOGY AND C URRENT S OCIAL I SSUES D R . N URIA G IRALT S PRING 2009 IS AMERICA BECOMING MORE UNEQUAL? What is the main reason given by Madrick to support that America is becoming more unequal? What is the main reason given by DeMuth to support that America is not becoming more unequal? Compare past inequalities to current inequalities in income (Madrick’s data). What is the main source of current inequalities? Do you think two incomes are necessary to stay above the poverty level now?
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Unformatted text preview: In the past? Do taxes have an effect on inequality? Why? Why not? How does CEO income illustrate the growth of inequality? Do you agree that wealth and inequality are the undoing of the welfare state? Why? Why not? In what ways are we becoming more unequal? In what ways are we becoming more equal? What are the main roadblocks to equality? c4350015edfb96461d430eba2a84954ac32d39c2.doc...
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