Race and Disease

Race and Disease - • Example of differences in diseases...

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P SY 350I—P SYCHOLOGY AND C URRENT S OCIAL I SSUES D R . N URIA G IRALT S PRING 09 SHOULD RACE PLAY A ROLE IN THE TREATMENT AND STUDY OF DISEASE? Genetic Polymorphism—a difference in DNA sequence among individuals, groups, or populations that gives rise to different forms such as the human blood groups Tuskegee syphilis study Racial Privacy Initiative o Definition o Purpose o Possible results
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Unformatted text preview: • Example of differences in diseases and treatments depending on race/ethnicity • What effect could race play in regards to medical insurance? • Is race a biological category? • Can race be defined in genetic terms? • Should race be limited to screening for diseases? 764b83d731831094ab45914b45a8eeedcc7f5303.doc...
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